A New Army Forming and Advancing!

Dear Life-Filled Saints,

sound creates movement, and when it is the sound of the Lord being released, our movement can be aligned with the sound and movement of Heaven’s army.  This is our time to get in step with Lord Sabaoth, and to submit to His leading. Sunday morning, we began to hear the Spirit of God address our motion for this time:

“In the midst of the chaos around, you can know the leadings and the touch of My Spirit.  Be ready to walk in triumph.  Put one foot in front of you and then from behind you will hear My voice telling you which way to go.  For I am changing directions of many of My people at this time; if they kept going, they would find themselves at a dead end.  But if you will listen carefully then you will walk your way into the victory that I have planned.  

“For I have an army coming together, and even though they are disjointed and even though they are scattered, they are hearing and forming in a way that I’m excited about.  Grab hands and watch, for I will set people on your path this week that give you directions over how to get in the cadence for your future.  

“You will find it unusual who you are aligning with, and you will find it strange whom you call and how you synergize with those that I put in your path.  Your enemies will even provide for you in days ahead.  So get ready, for I have a people that are coming together to move throughout the earth!”

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries