Shift from Gleaning to Reaping!

Dear Celebrating Saints,

on Sunday morning, the Spirit of the Lord was speaking so clearly for this time frame:

“Be willing to get in the procession, because I’m giving you access in a way you’ve not had before. This month, you will ask a thing and then see it being performed.  If you will make an effort to come out of the place you are in, then I will see you. I will favor you this month in a way you’ve not been favored. I will cause things you’ve been contending for to be settled. I will make a judgment on your behalf. Come out into that place that I am calling you.

“SHIFT from gleaning to reaping!  Make a shift in your mentality.  Instead of just staying in the corners, let your gleaning MOVE you into a place of reaping in a new way.  Move from the CORNERS to the CENTER, and from GLEANING to REAPING!
“I am building a refuge for you, for much, much chaos is turning around you.  You are entering into a season where the enemy will attempt to surprise you.  But because I am giving you access this month, I will uncover all the surprises of the enemy.  This is a month when you must be willing to stop the enemy’s movement and say, ‘I will not back up!’ For the enemy will attempt to come right up to the door, beginning this month, for the year ahead. I am positioning you now in the field with favor, and in your field I will favor you above your fellows around you.”


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion international Ministries