The Hourglass and Its Importance

I SAW an HOURGLASS! This concept is important because: You Are Becoming An Hourglass! Our weekend of focusing on Dreams and Night Revelation was amazing! The presence of God was so evident and powerful, and there was an open heaven where worship ascended and heavenly revelation descended. This was such a unique time of "Living in the Spirit of Revelation!" On Friday night, the Spirit of the Lord said, "There are many narrow places that I AM sending you and some narrow ways that I'm calling you to go through. You're going to be cinched up till I can pull you through My eye, through the pupil of My eye to the other side." (Anne Tate)

I SAW an HOURGLASS - He's making each of us into an hourglass! We're becoming His hourglass! "Many have been confused when they have seen My body in the past but now they will look at you and tell the time they are living in. For you will reflect My time and My way. Those in the world will say, 'By them I am determining my day.' People say, 'What time is it?' But I say, 'Look at me and you will see.'" God's hourglass, God's timetable in the earth! Look at us and you will see what time it is in eternity. He is setting His watch, synchronizing the time tables of the earth.

LeAnn Squier and James Goll began to sing:

He's setting His clock.
He's setting His watch.
He's turning His hourglass.
The past, the present, the future all align.
We, the body of Christ, are stepping in His time.
Just step into His time.
I'm going to squeeze you.
I'm going to take the regret out of you.
You've been wondering, what could there be?
What could there be?
I've been pushed on already so much, so long, so far.
But there's a pocket, a little place called regret hanging on you.
We say, no more regret.
We say, no more regret over the past.
You're free at last.
I want you to say, 'I'm free at last.
I'm free from the past.'
Now move, now move.
I'm going to move on you like you've never seen before.
I'm going to move you through a brand new door.
I'm going to push through a brand new door.

"I am straining every nerve in you to pull out a praise sound that I've not heard. My people have praise in their fibers and the enemy has captured their garment of triumph that I released from heaven. Watch Me strain your nerve structure to produce a new garment of praise. You might say, 'I don't know if this praise fits me for I've been used to expressing myself another way.' Watch Me cinch you into this new way of expression. Before long you'll say, 'My, I've been transformed and now I look different.' I'm cinching you-girding your waist so Truth and Spirit become One.

I'm pressing every last valuable drop out of you. You think that you're empty but you're not quite empty yet. There's more in you to be poured out. You're going to have to dig deep. It's almost like putting on a compression garment that it so tight that it moves everything up higher."

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries