A Word for Croatia

Dear Worship Warrior,

On Friday the Lord showed me how Croatia and the Balkan nations were a "turn-key". The Spirit of God led me to prophesy

"You will have worship gatherings in all seven nations that now make up the former Yugoslavia. These will be vibrant worship gatherings. In the midst of these worship gatherings I will come down and reveal My healing. This will be a people who have the ability and authority to turn the key. This will be a people who have the ability to stop or forbid and permit or loose My purposes. You will be a people who have the ability to take over the land for my purposes.

Your worship has been held back long enough, and the world will begin to hear the voice of My people in this region. You will be a turn-key people, and I will give you the keys to the Kingdom. I will shift you from a church mentality that you have had over the last 20 years. You rallied and built My Church, but now you will gather and shift this part of the earth into a Kingdom mentality. You will begin to have Kingdom meetings, and in these Kingdom meetings I will come and I will heal. The sound of these Kingdom meetings will cause nations to turn. I announce that you are Turn-Key Nations, and I will make you (Croatia) the nation that turns all of Europe.

Watch, for this part of this world will become an event again. This word means you are ready for occupation! I am coming upon this land. The enemy would love to occupy and take over these lands again, and there are even strategies brewing in the heavenly realm, and governments are rising up against governments. Each one is shaking. I say to the Balkan nations (and Eurasia), I now am coming to occupy your people and My people will unlock a 100-fold return for My Kingdom purpose now. My people will see in new way and I will give them such authority in the spiritual realm and anoint them in a way that they have not been anointed so that by tomorrow they are ready to rule. Say, 'The enemy will not push me out of my place.'"

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries