The Moving Wings of the Chreubim and the Fresh Sound

Prophesied on the 11`th of March 2010, Berlin- Spandau

"My people, there is a special time in one of My night watches, that I will use to speak with you about your inheritance and promise, says the Lord!
Be ready to react on My voice and leave the place of comfort to step into the wide field, that you can recognize your inheritance, that I want you to give!
Move and look up to me, says the Lord!

Be ready to give God a special sacrifice, because God is about to answer you, says the spirit of the prophet (see Genesis 15:5-10)!
There are the upward stretched wings of the Cherubim, that swing synchronal above the Mercy Seat!
Position yourself in the wind of My movement and experience the powerful pressure of My Spirit, that stirs up your spirit, so that you can shout out in joy!
Move in My movement and carry My commands, My authority and My revelation to the places, that I will show you, says the Lord!
First I will reveal Myself to you and then you receive My commands (see Exodus 25:17-22)!

There was a time of silence and dryness, in that your carried patiently My promise and My command to the place of its destiny without seeing a living change, that you expected!
It was in My plan to bring you to this place to test your obedience to Me, says the Lord!
Speak it out, what you met on your place of destiny and tell it to Me, because I am about to lay Myself on the dead child, that you see as dead!
I reveal My prophetic power, that is resting in Me and awake this, what you see as dead! Know this, it is only sleeping (see 2 Kings 4:29-37)!
The prophet hears the outcry: "Talita kum!"

Cast out the false sound of unbelief from your environment and experience the prophetic awakening power of the Son of God (see Mark 5:35-43)!
Don`t greet! Don`t go to the left or to the right! Carry My command to its place of destiny!
There is silence! There is a new sound! There is an untouched sound! There is a first sound! There is a fresh sound, says the spirit of the prophet!
Even if you say, that you carry a dead sound, I will unite you with the voice of the prophet!
I unite My prophetic voice with My people, that it carries the sound to life, says Jesus (see Revelation 19:10e)!"

In His night watch and fresh awakening sound,

Daniel Glimm