"I will cause you to triumph through a new type of communion. As you have set your face to seek Me, I am leading you into a new level of intimacy.

In Me you will see a new level of revelation. In Me you will see new strategies. The intimacy I am leading you into will break open that which has been hidden from you in the dark places you have been going through. I am moving you forward to new levels of intimacy so that you may see in Me that which I have for you and that which I am moving you forward to possess. The territory is yours and the new land is yours, so move forward into new levels of intimacy.

You've been trying to commune enough to gain the strength you need to press through. Now you will commune and I will speak into you, and your eye that has been surrounded by sleep will now open. I am opening the fire gate to pour down communion on My people. There will be an ease in your communion. You have been striving to commune, but now there will be an ease in your communion.

Wait for the turning, for I am showing you facets that you have not understood, and I am causing corners that have stored revelation within you to come alive. Wait for the turning, for I am bringing into focus a multi-colored vision that will cause you to not only see Me, but to see the enemy and have the wisdom to speak so that he falls before you. There is a multi-faceted vision coming into focus for you!

I am ready to accelerate the new alignment that I am producing in the earth. This will create a new order in My armies. Pieces are falling in place. By April, I must have My armies in place and shaking the earth in a new way.

Did I not say that I appeared as a lamb that had been slain, but I came alive as a lion and created a triumphant people. Bring your fat to the altar. Sacrifice now, then hear and see your new provision. I have shifted the gate of heaven and I am pouring out a fire that will burn away the fat that has developed over your last season. This is a time of burning the fat on the altar. As the fat goes into the fire, My voice will come to raise you higher above the waters that have tried to overtake you and above the fires of this earth that have tried to burn you.

As you bring the fat and place it in the fire, I will cause My voice to raise you higher and you will see the order that I have. Get ready to be reordered, to remove fat. I am not talking about physical fat. I will show you pockets of fat that you did not even know were there. Much of this fat is My Word that has been stored and not allowed to work within you. Let go of certain portions of the Word that you have stored in you and in your mind, and watch a demonstration of that word begin to come alive.

I sent in spies to see the Promised Land. They brought out the grapes and they were for communion. However, the giants in the land were their bread. They rejected what would have made their body strong. The giants will only strengthen you, not defeat you. I was calling the people to come into the land and commune with Me. I was facilitating the bread and the wine. Today, you will open your eyes to see that the giants are your bread. You have plenty of wine for the people in the grapes of the land.

Come in! Come in! Sit at the table in the midst of your enemies. Let Me anoint your head and we will 'sup and commune' in the presence of your enemies.

You've been postponing the communion I have ordained for you. You have not known how to commune with the elements that I've brought to you. I brought you the grapes and I brought you the giants in a new land. You backed up and tried to go back into an old communion because you did not know how to commune with the bread I was bringing you. The giants around you are your communion. Use those giants to produce communion, and do not back up into old patterns. The giants around you are what I want you to use to produce communion in a new way!

By not resisting your enemies and overtaking your giants, you have grown fat. You have been trying to calculate your path by manipulating My Word instead of allowing My voice to work faith within you. You have been postponing the communion I have for you. Let's commune over your enemies. Do not be in denial of them. Your denial of the war ahead (to secure what I have for you) has caused you to grow fat and enter into a deferred hope. You are creating the deferred hope, not Me. I have a new communion for you. Cross over into the land so the communion that I have planned can come alive.

You have been deferred by the things that have been around you. You have waited on people around you to begin to catch up, to begin to recognize and justify the stance that you are taking, and to justify the place that you are moving. If you will stand up and move forward as you hear My voice, those that are languishing around you will begin to awaken and arise. Everything depends on you getting in your place and moving in the position that you have been called to, and hearing the voice of God as it comes to you.

As I release your place of alignment to you and you move with Me, the things around you will begin to sort themselves out. Those people around you will begin to arise and awaken. They cannot arise and awaken to your voice or the things that you say or the things that you do. They will only awaken to the sound of My voice and what I am doing in the Kingdom. Begin to stand up and move as you hear My voice. Come into communion and move forward with the army and with Me.

The time of the Triumphant Troop of the Lord has come. They will stand and arise as they watch the river of My Glory rise. Stand up in what you have been called to do, and move forward. Have the courage to begin to move according to what you are hearing Me say. Find your place in my army. I will cause you to triumph through a new type of communion. The grapes of the land that you rejected will come alive again. The giants will be your bread. Commune with Me in a new way. Bring your fat and lay it on the altar. Cry out and follow Me into a new level of worship.

There's a longing and a hunger that I'm bringing into My people at this time. I AM causing you to long for Me in a new way. Your desires have not satisfied you. You've not had the ability to say, 'I feel full.' So I will not activate you into a new level of fullness. You will long for Me, and you and I will become one in a new way. You will go past all those things that have tried to hold you and that you have tried to grab hold of in the past. You will come to the place in this season where you say, 'Lord, it is You I long for!'

WATCH NOW! I will open My Treasure Room to those who will WATCH! I am sending out a call to My gatekeepers. Many times you are the ones that no one notices! You are hidden and watching! You must always watch. I have called you to watch, but I am also calling your heart to rejoice in your watching. Worship while you watch. This is the call to My gatekeepers: come into My presence, stand your watch, keep your gate. I am calling you as Mary to come into My presence. Stand your post but do not stay out of My presence.

I am opening a great and effectual door for those who are watching. As you watch, a door will form in the heavenlies over you. As you step through that doorway, I will take you to places that you have never been to or seen, and you will call forth, pull down, and raise up. I will take you into the Treasure Room of Heaven and you will throw treasures down. So hear Me: new assignments are coming -- new assignments, new positioning. The gate I place you at is where My glory will meet you. Don't try to get in a gate or a door that I have not called you to. Rather, take the gate I give you, for the glory awaits you at the gate.

I am rolling out a red carpet for you if you will begin to step forward. Many of you have been held walking in an old place, but a red carpet is being rolled out. I am beginning to roll out the way for you, but you must leave the identity of the last place you walked and walk on the red carpet that I roll out. I have kings and I have priests and I have queens in My kingdom. Now I am unfurling My kingdom carpet. Take a step on it and go. You've been walking in a calculated freedom but I am about to show you a summing up that I'm about to do that will pour you into a new mold."

(LeAnn Squier's prophetic song):

I hear it rising up.
I hear it rising up in the people of God.
You won't be restrained and you can't be tamed.
I hear it rising up in the people of God.
Devil, you have roused a sleeping lion.
What are you going to do now?
Devil, you have roused a sleeping lion.
What are you going to do now?
There's a host of little Davids arising now.
What are you going to do now?
There's a host of Joshuas and Calebs.
What are going to do now?
The pursued has become the pursuer.
So what are you going to do now?
The pursued is now in pursuit of you!
What are going to do now?
We're going beyond conformity.
You will reform this vessel into what You see that I really need to be.
So I'm leaving that old mold and I'm pursuing all that You are.
I'm letting you reform my identity to be what you see that I really am.
I embrace what You see for me.

"I am rousing a sleeping lion that has a sound that will be unlocked. My people will have such a desire to worship Me in a new way in this coming month that they won't remain where they are now. I am creating a different spirit in My people. You've had the longing for your spirit to be molded in a new way. So today I will recreate the spirit of My people. Where they have been known to be in doubt and unbelief, they will be known as a different spirit who triumphs. I'm shifting and I'm shaping your spirit into what I would have you be. So do not resist the hand that I am bringing, for you would be resisting Me.

I don't have wolves hidden this hour in My body -- I have lions. I am raising them. The sheep will know My voice, for the roar of the lion is coming. Where you couldn't enter into triumph in your thoughts and in your ways, I will cause you to triumph as you enter in this day.

I am needing to give you times where you fall on your face at the altar. I am needing to give you times where you cry out for Me like you've never cried out before. I am needing to give you times where you run and run and run until you have circled your future. I am going to have to make you hungry so that I can reveal to you the vision that will strengthen your brothers.

I'm calling you again. I'm calling you again and I'm saying, 'Don't be distracted by your brothers.' For if you will heed My call, you will strengthen them on your path. On the path ahead is one that is filled with a glory beyond what you've known. So come and hear the call. I am calling you again, and you will see what I have stored for this season ahead. Many of you have tried and are trying and striving to get into the new season, but what you need is the call and the vision that I release. Let Me renew your call. Let Me give you vision for your responsibilities in the new place.

I have need to go to Samaria. Because I have to go there I want you to know you can follow Me. Even though you wouldn't choose to go, I need to go. There are places where I need to show up. Be willing to be at the right place, for I am coming to meet you in a new way. Return to a place where a fulfillment will take place. At that place, what you didn't see in the last season you will see in this season.

You are at the foot of a path looking up. You say, 'But the steps are too steep for me to get to that place You call 'BEYOND.'' Take one step, for in each step there is a rest you've not known. In this rest, you will end up being ushered into a presence that you've never experienced.

Having begun in the Spirit, will you finish in the flesh? This is an hour that I am going to cause you to so thirst after Me. Many have gotten off of the path in days past. But I am creating a thirst in you in this hour. By that thirst I shall position you on the path. Do not say, 'It is too late.' Do not say, 'I missed the path in the past.' This is a day when I am even redeeming your past.

I am even redeeming the path that I would have you walk on. I shall set you on a sure path, on a sure course. So know having begun in the Spirit, you are going to finish in the Spirit. It is by My Spirit that I shall draw you back on to that path. I shall set a straight course in front of you. You shall not miss the best, for this shall be your finest hour on the path that I shall redeem for you.

You are getting to a plateau! Stop at every plateau, for that is where you will dance. When you dance at the plateau, that is where you will begin to hear Me in a new way. Don't miss your plateaus, for if you miss your plateaus you will miss the movement I have for your future. Stop at every plateau and let Me create energy by you dancing the dance of heaven.

Watch where you step! For in your stepping I will cause old ground to be shaken. When you go out, watch where you step, for I am going to start shaking up some places that need to be shaken. So STEP, for the old structures will begin to fall this week. Even though you say, 'Lord, I feel like I'm naked in a clearance,' I will build a new structure and hedge around you. Watch where you step!"

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries