Go higher and the injection of holiness

Key Prophecy for NOW: by Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Michelle Hadley, Keith Pierce, Rebekah Faubion

Our service on Sunday morning was just amazing. Following our Convergencia Hispana gathering on Friday and Saturday, the sound of the nations was released during our worship and the portals of revelation of Heaven were opened. The Spirit of God began to declare as Brian Kooiman gave a tongue for interpretation.

"This is a season where you're going higher than you ever imagined. I am taking you higher and higher and higher and higher; you have only begun to glimpse where I'm taking you. Raise your sights! Raise your eyes! Look at Me! I Am taking you higher and higher. There are certain things you can't see where you presently are. Until you begin to become buoyant in faith with Me, you will not be able to see what I would have you see. So keep going higher, and you'll get to a place where you can breathe only by the Spirit. I Am taking My people to a place where they will require the oxygen of My Spirit to begin to move into the thoughts that I have. Vision is coming to you in a new place."

(Song of Spirit)

I know you're tired, but come on higher anyway
I know the battle has been weary, but come up higher anyway
I Am giving you an aerial view
I Am giving you an aerial view
You are going to see things that you've never seen before
I am going to download strategies that you didn't have before!

"Lift Your Eyes! You've looked at the roots and the trunk of the tree, but you've not seen what's in the top of the tree. I have things hidden that have been captured there that only you can begin to gather, by coming higher. This is a day that you must ask Me to bring you into a new place. Some of you will fall from this high place, but do not fear. There will still be life in you, and you will rise again."

Shatece McLeod then gave another tongue for interpretation:

"Today is the day I come with an injection of My holiness. The injection of My holiness will go into your blood veins in a new way, and it will activate the DNA inside where I have been received by you. Get ready for this injection, because all that receive this infusion will receive an open heaven. You will receive the authority to deal with the disturbance in the second airways. So get ready, get ready, get ready because when I, I Am, when I, I Am, comes upon the scene and you begin to fall upon Me and rest, you will see Me released to go before you.
"I Am raising up a standard of righteousness among you this hour. Many of you have been confused of the purpose of My grace. My grace is not here to let you wallow in your short-comings and your fear and your lack. My Grace is here to raise you up to the standard of My favor, of My excellence, of My purpose in this world. My grace is not for you to wallow in. Get out of your wallowing! Get out of your mud pit! Get up and stand! If you cannot stand today in this standard that I Am raising, then you come and you lay your face at My altar and you put down everything else; I will raise a new standard before you.
"Your shins are stuck in the mud and you've been striving to get through that hard place that you've been in. Part of that place is from your making; other parts are because the enemy has come in like a flood and muddied your path. But I am going to interject an anointing down through your feet that will cause you to now walk through that which has bogged you down. If you will change your mind from how you see My grace, then My grace will interject and fill you, energize and move you forward."

May each of you be thankful for all that He is doing in your life!


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries