This place is called TODAY!

Key Prophecy from Chuck Pierce and Tobias Lyons

“This is a day of separation and setting apart. I have determined to set you apart to set you on the path. I have said to you that there is a door and there is a path. But now, the eye of God and the window of Heaven are positioning over you. Now, I will shine on your path, and you must choose to step out and submit to the place that I have you. This place is called TODAY. If you will submit where you are TODAY, then in 40 days you will say, ‘I made it through that wilderness place.’ There is a path! There is a door! There is a window! And now the wind will blow you forward!  

"In the last season I gave you a choice on what side of the chasm you would put your feet. In this new year, as this door has begun to open, the way you move your feet, will set in motion a cycle for 3 years. If you have missed your door, do not think that I cannot bring you back to the place where it will open again. It is not too late! Just as I brought the Israelites from their place into another place and another time, just as I had to bring destruction to them once, I still brought them into the Promised Land. For My promise holds true.  In this next three years, watch your feet at every crossroads and choose carefully how you move. Choose carefully the doors that you walk through.  If you miss one, do not be afraid that I will not show you another. Though you seem to be in a maze, do not be afraid, you will find Me.”


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries