Look again! A Move of God has Begun!

Dear Seers,

I love how the Spirit of God can visit us and bring new life to situations which seem improbable, hopeless or even dead. Many times Holy Spirit speaks to us through music and prophetic revelation. During one of our Noon Prayer gatherings, LeAnn Squier began to prophesy in song. In reviewing the lyrics, I was amazed at how this spoke to us as we prepare for the Look Again: A Time to See His Power and Presence Move on January 30 - February 2. She began to sing:

I looked and I saw a serpent
But it was just my fear looking back at me
Then I looked again and I saw a fish.
I saw My prosperity.

I then added: "It appears to be a serpent but it is a spirit of fear that is attached to you. God says, 'Look again! Look again! Even within the fish there is supply that you are not aware of. Even some of you need that for your taxes in this season. Some of you need that which is within that fish so that the eggs can begin to produce a different type of supply. What's in the fish you haven't seen? I am going to cause much supply to manifest."

LeAnn continued by singing:

I looked and I saw a stone.
But it was my heavy heart looking back at me.
I looked again and I saw bread.
It was bread indeed.
The problem hasn't been with Your provision, Lord.
It's been in the way that I see.
Because all my fears and doubts have simply been looking back at me.
So I am going to take and remove what has been hidden inside of me.
So I can look and truly see as You see my prosperity.

As she sang I looked in my wallet, but saw there was no cash. So I reached in my pocket as well. When I did so, there was a certificate for a new pair of shoes. I heard the Lord say,
"Some of you are looking to find how you're going to walk in one way. Look at the fish. Ask Me for the fish. The serpent might be on your road but see the fish and inside the fish there will be supply for you to shod your feet with peace. You'll walk right past the serpent that is in your path."

The Spirit of God is giving us the prophetic revelation we need before we need it. Be alert to LOOK AGAIN at what He has already said to you in the past seasons. He will now refresh His voice so you can gain the revelation you need now and see a manifestation of His grace and promise in your life.

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries