I am cleaning out and repacking!

Dear Aligned Ones,

During our Triumphant Faith Institute session on Wednesday, the Spirit of God met us powerfully as we began to better understand this 14 days of learning to Walk in the Spirit.  I heard the Lord say, “I’m cleaning out the drawers of your chest and I am repositioning the room in which I will meet you. I am even repacking your bags. The suitcase that I have for you will not have the same garment from last season. Get ready! For I am cleaning out your chest, repacking your bag, and I will be sending you on short trips, long trips, and new trips!
I have not been able to send you in the past because there is unforgiveness which you have not dealt with. If you will deal with certain levels of unforgiveness in you, I will show you the path I have for you. I will be sending you to others. I will be sending you into places of provision you have not experienced. You must be sent, but you must forgive to carry My grace where you go.”

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries