Heaven's War Room is a Garden, Let's Meet There

Here's a wild thought - Adam and Eve were defeated in a garden. Jesus defeated the enemy in a garden and then to punctuate the point - He rose from the dead in a garden tomb.

The Bible says there is coming a new heaven and a new earth. It will look different. There will be no oceans or seas (Revelation 21:1) but there will be pools and rivers of life giving water. Eden had a river that issued forth and watered the earth. The new earth will likewise have a river flowing from the throne of God and earth will be a global garden community.

This theme of the "garden" keeps coming up lately. The garden is connected to warfare for Adam, Jesus, and YOU!  This is why we "watch" over our own lives. When things are going good, the enemy wants to slither into your garden and mess it up. Know this - 90% of the warfare is over relationships. Think about who you invite into your garden.

I sense the Lord saying:
"Soon the God of peace will crush Satan under your feet. War from a place of peace. Establish the Lord's presence in your midst and then advance. When the work starts to weigh you down, make God your delight and your burden will be light. As the pressure on earth increases the God of Heaven is increasing His presence in the midst of His people as an equalizer - right in your very home and the place where you work!"
Heaven's War Room is a Garden!
God made man to "till" the earth. Adam's garden assignment was summed up in a few words, one of them being "let them have dominion" with the other being "fill the earth and subdue it." Evidently the earth needed to be filled and "replenished."

To replenish implies the earth was previously "plenished" or occupied. Satan did not like this project. Did you know the Bible says that Satan was once in "Eden, the garden of God?" (Ezekiel 28:13) Some scholars believe there was a "pre-Eden" creation on the earth and when Lucifer rebelled "the world that then was" became judged. That's why the book of Genesis opens with the earth looking like an accident scene and why Satan is called the "god of this world." He's always had a connection to this world - until man showed up.

So maybe there were inhabitants on earth before Adam. Both Adam and Noah were told to replenish the earth. When the earth was re-created it was new. What would Adam "replenish" the earth with? With Eden. What would he subdue? That which was hostile to them - outside the garden.
God's plan was to multiply Adam and Eve and increase the governing scope of this sinless species until the whole earth was "tilled" and "filled" into a garden. Then earth would be run by this wondrously innocent, naked, and transparent garden government.
This mandate to "subdue" and "fill the earth" was never lifted. The difference is, we do it with clothes on.
From the Garden Outward
Think about it. Inside was a garden - outside was territory to yet tame. Adam was to war FROM the garden outward. He was to live in Eden and expand his dominion FROM THE GARDEN OUTWARD. If he had only killed the serpent when he slithered into Eden! Keep the snake out of your garden. War from the garden out.

Why did Jesus go to THE GARDEN on the night He was betrayed? We think of Gethsemane as the place of agony, but Jesus chose it because it was the place of greatest delight and strength! The garden was where He had His best times with the Father. That's why He went there. In fact an angel came to strengthen Him. Angels visit your garden!
Sometimes you need to strategize over your life, make decisions, and receive the strength that angels bring...in the garden.

Lance Wallnau