A Week to Know the Father's Love and Overcome the Gates of Hell!

Dear Overcoming Saints,

The Spirit of God is moving powerfully, and is beginning to confirm the Father's love for us. Continue to meditate on these words and receive the heart of the Father for you!

"This week I'm going to reveal Myself to you. For I am love and you will experience Me expressing My Love to you. Don't look around you to the right or the left, but experience who I am in the midst of your struggles and trials, and allow Me to show you the love that My Son displayed in the earth. Listen for Father's voice this week and you will hear Father in a way you've never heard Him.
Let the voice of My faith silence any other voice around you! Let the voice of My faith silence any other voice around you! Let the voice of My faith move that mountain, part that sea, and birth that promise this week! This is also a week to run into My rock! I am a refuge against your enemies. Come in and watch Me protect that which I am calling to protect this hour!
Satan desired to sift you like wheat, but I have declared My Word over you! I have declared the Word of the Lord over you and it will not return void. As I bring you out this week, go back and strengthen your brothers. This is working a far greater glory in you. Now watch for the glory to rise up within you this week, and when you go back, strengthen your brothers!
Though you walk through the Gates of Hell, even though there's a war coming, position yourselves, because I am rising up. As you position yourselves, do not be distracted; do not move out of your position because this is a day, this is a week, and this is a year that I am calling you to rise up in your position. A war is coming, but if you rise up in your position, you let My love rise up in you and there is nothing, nothing that can shake you! You have not danced at the Gates of Hell, but this week dance the dance of triumph at the Gates of Hell, and Hell will back off! Today is the day that I am threshing the wheat. As I thresh the wheat I am cutting a pathway that will lead up to the Gates of Hell, and the Gates of Hell's gate will be broken and My harvest will be returned!"
(Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce, Robyn Vincent, Raven Vincent)

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries