A New Armor, A New Identity, A New War Ahead!

A New Armor, A New Identity, A New War Ahead! - from the 9'th of July 2016

“I have a people that are forming. They must cast off the armor that they have warred with in a past season.  That armor was used to win many battles.  However, that is not the armor that is necessary for you in the days ahead. I will shine pieces, re-mold other pieces from past victories, and give new weapons for new wars.  Put on the full armor for this season. You will know when you are completely clothed.   I am sending some pieces that you need for this season. Know that because of passivity the enemy is intercepting some in the second heaven.  Come Up! Rise up! Allow your spirit to rise within you! Do not fear because you feel vulnerable.  In the midst of your vulnerability, you will rise into a place where I will send you forth to collect the armor necessary for the scheduled release of promises that have been delayed.

“Many people have underestimated Me. If you underestimate Me this season that does not threaten My ability to act.  I have caused you to triumph victoriously in ways you were unaware that I was directing the victory. When they crucified Me they thought that religion had triumphed over Father’s heart. I AROSE with all power in My hands. This season, the Body of Christ is about to arise! Go ahead and underestimate Me if you choose, but watch what I do. I AM causing you to rise up like that exceedingly great army of dry bones Ezekiel called and liberated from hope deferred. You will surprise many in this season with the miracles, signs and wonders manifested in MY name. This is a season of supernatural enablement. When things get tough outside, keep your eyes on Me and you will have supernatural enablement to go past your humanity!  My Spirit will rule through your spirit. Keep your eyes on Me and I will lift you with My supernatural grace and ability that you’ve never experienced before. I will clothe you and you will triumph!

“Don’t fear the next battle.  If you do not come up from where you are presently standing then when you see the next battle it will cause you to back up. Come up and allow Me to clothe you new and fresh through the sounds that I release.  Allow Me to give you weapons the enemy has held captive. For the enemy has held captive weapons that I will now use.  Those weapons will only be released to this people by unlocking the sound that will cause the spirit of My people to arise.  I long for a people that will triumph in days ahead, but I must clothe them for the time that is ahead. So in the midst of your conflicts come up, come up, come up! And in the midst of your coming up, be clothed, be clothed, be clothed until you are wearing the Triumphant Bride’s garment for this hour.  These are garments with the sound of the land -- not the iniquities of the land; these are garments with the sound of the land, and the sound of the elders of heaven and the witnesses of heaven.  The sounds that are permeating from heaven now will unlock what is in the land, and from that a people will go to war and triumph because My glory will rest upon them in days ahead.”


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory Of Zion International Ministries