The Buckling and the Ambush laid by God

There is the earth that trembles and the ground that suddenly buckles, because it is the plan and calling of God, which arises from the hidden!
It is about the promise that is in the ‘soil’ and is brought to the surface, says the spirit of the prophet! There is the counsel of the church, going through the channel of wisdom and leading to the transformation in the midst of the promise!
There is the promise and the special blessing that transfers to those who have the right understanding and are willing to pay the ‘price’!
For some people it looks like a deception but it is about the ‘ambush’ initiated by God in order to transfer the promise to the right ‘addressee’ at this time, says the spirit of the prophet (cf. Romans 9:10-13 i.c.w. Matthew 25:24-30)!
In the midst of ‘laughter’ there is a transfer of the promise due to the wisdom that has been released (cf. Psalm 2:4)!
The power of that released wisdom leads in the midst of the momentum to a temporary ‘standstill’ of the recipient, which is of short time!
The initiated ‘ambush’ of the LORD is predestined to cause confusion that leads to a ‘buckling’ and is like a U-turn in order to bring the promise to the surface in the generations (cf. Genesis 27:5a.6.8.14-19)!
The LORD says: “I beguile the senses of the ‘old’ with the power of the message of the kingdom in order to bring the promise to the right recipient for this time and the time to come!”
There are people who cry out: “Deceit!” But the LORD says: “I transfer My promise to those who have the right heart attitude and the right understanding of My plans for this and the coming time (cf. Genesis 27:21-27)!
I show Myself to the pure pure; to the faithful I show Myself faithful and to the crooked I show myself crooked because I am bowing the eyes of the proud (cf. Psalm 18:26-27)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel Glimm