From the desk of Steve Shultz:

Long before I was a "prophetic person," God was speaking to me--I just didn't realize it. Only later would I look back and discover just how much He was talking, and how many times and ways HE would do this--just to get my attention!

My wife and I have been married 28 years. On the first night of our Honeymoon, we were aboard the great "Queen Mary" Cruise Ship in Long Beach Harbor. Here we were, in the King and the Queen's Ship, the Queen Mary, which was once the greatest sailing ship on the seas (yet then, it was permanently docked).

As God could only have planned it, we were booked into room "M007." Of course, "007" is the British code name for the famed British Spy, who would solve much of the world's problems through his insight and inside information.

Later in life (it almost seems like another life ago), I literally became a licensed private investigator -a "007" if you will, and appeared five times on some national talk shows, including Geraldo Rivera because of it.

However, my specialty back then was not solving crimes, but of bringing lost family members together--people who were runaways, or separated by adoption, or by other mysterious disappearances. This season of my life nearly lasted a decade.

Then came THE ELIJAH LIST, where I now bring God's OWN family members together through PROPHETIC REVELATION with multiple prophetic and insightful voices.

Now we find ourselves in the year 2007, and I feel as if we've come head-on into the fulfillment of that first night, 28 years ago.

This year, we will see many prophetic "007's" giving information to the Powers that be - to solve crimes, prevent attacks, and solve political and economic problems worldwide.

We've all been born for such as time as this!


Steve Shultz
Elijah List

Jill Austin: A Vision for the New Year

A Gambling Casino

I had an open vision and saw a gambling casino covering the earth. There were global players who were playing for the world's resources (like gold, silver, oil, and water). There were nations that had no problem committing genocide on a whole nation for their gold mines.

They were playing with cards--gambling and playing for high stakes. These players faces were like dogs. They had thick collars on, with spikes, and they were smoking expensive cigars. They were laughing crudely, and they were drunk and drinking whiskey. The scene looked like one of the paintings by Coolidge, which shows dogs gambling like men.

But then I saw Kingdom Players of the Lord--a Holy Mafia that came and sat at the table to play for world resources. They were undetected--they were the Lord's "007 agents" playing a very deadly and dangerous game.

Old Worldly Money is Exposed

The scene then changes to Europe, to an old ancient castle in Switzerland.

Very expensive cars, like Rolls Royces pull up to the castle. Then old world families who were the royalty of the world get out of the cars. They represented old family money--old kings and queens, and even tribal kings, etc.

They carried their family crest (crown) up the stairs into this old castle. But as they were entering the palace, the crest changed, and suddenly I saw what the family was really known for, and with great demonic pride they displayed their crest.

One family's coat of arms shifted and revealed that this family had destroyed and committed genocide against the Jews in Poland.

Another family's crest showed that they had caused (genocide) in Africa for the gold mines, etc. Their family crest showed that they had destroyed Jews in Italy, etc.

The generational evil was displayed with great honor.

Plotting More Evil

Then we went into a huge map room (war room). The back wall in this room was living, as was a picture of the world with all the nations. The families deliberately began to plan their next organization of evil.

They said, "Let's blow up three embassies. Let's have three old women go to the mall and blow themselves up. Let's have several university campuses bombed. Let's have mass shootings at two schools. Let's have trains and planes bombed."

They began to orchestrate a world terror, with fear, death, war, and disease hitting the earth. The news media went crazy and the world moved in great fear.

Then they said about the world, "They want peace at any price? So, they want a military police state?" And eventually this would move into one world government.

These ancient families were the ones who had strings attached to all the world leaders to become popes, kings, presidents, prime ministers, etc. They would give them money, but would then own the nations.

But Oh then...the Enoch Company Arises

The Lord is raising up an Enoch Company--a group of intercessors who will be translated into these secret evil alliances. They will hear the plans of satan, and then return to the councils of God, to legislate "holy plans" to devour the evil plans of the enemy. Again, they were undetected--they were the Lord's "007 agents."

The Enoch Company are radical intimate worshipping warriors who so love the Lord. They will overhear the evil secret plans of satan, and go to battle for greater truth with the double-edged Sword of the Lord--Mercy and Justice.

For the coming year, may you draw closer to the Lord, more fervent in intercession, and hear His voice more clearly for His plans for your future...as you enter into your destiny.

Jill Austin