God's Changing Our Whole Structure, Our Whole Economy. There is an Economy of Grace!

The following word was prophesied on April 20, 2008, in Long Island, New York

"If you are afraid of losing your property, watch Me salvage it for you. There will be a strange move that will take place from your head office. They will say, 'Let us give this relief.'" And God said, "It will be so unusual the people shall say, 'This is crazy,'" but God said, "I'll give you a break and set you on a course. You won't have to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy; you'll file Hebrews Chapter 11 and join those in the hall of fame!

"Sing with the youth and with the sound that I'm bringing to this house. You say, 'We have youth, we have youth,' but now I will bring you the unruly youth. Sing with the youth.

"I'm bringing from the dungeons, I'm bringing from your caves, the potential kings of Israel. I'm bringing from your caves those that have played on their harp even in the presence of anger, even in the presence of hatred. I'm bringing from your caves the Davids of this hour who have been anointed to be the kings in the marketplace.

"Your sons and your daughters, your grandchildren who are now away, are about to return at the sound of the little piper. Your children shall come from the caves, unruly, but their heart remains un-rusted. For they have continually played and plucked the strings of that spiritual harp that was placed there when they stood as little children in the house, your children. This place shall become a place of habitation of young, unruly, wounded, young men, young women, teenagers." I see it, I see it. I saw it before, I see it again.

Look, the Cloud of Abundance is Already Here!

Bishop, you have many that come to your platform and prophesy. There are many that come with hogwash, but God says, "You have learned to wash away--you have learned to take the hosepipe" (garden hose). But God says now, "You have not sat back, you have dug ditches." You see, Elijah told the King of Judah and the King of Israel, "Go and dig holes in your valley of need and in your valley of want--just dig ditches."

They said, "Where will it come from? Where will the rain come from? Where shall it come from? Shall the rain come from the clouds? Shall it come from the wind?" No! That is too obvious. The same revivals will not bring the same harvest; the same style of revival shall not bring it. Elijah told the kings, "Go back to your valley of need where there is no water, and dig ditches and wait." They wondered what the strategy that was given would possibly do.

But they went and they obeyed the voice of God, as you did. And you began to dig ditches--you had nothing else you could do in preparation of something that you dreamed about and something that this house has made proclamation about. And yet, you've not seen a sign in the sky. "Where are those that I've asked to look for a cloud? Look, it's already there." The blindness has caused them to not see the cloud. For when Elijah went and spoke to his servant and said, "Go and look for a cloud, look for a sign." The reason he never saw the sign was because he was blinded by three and a half years of famine. Famine blinds you; need blinds you.

The cloud was already there. Because the prophet said, "I hear the sound not of a trickle, but I hear the sound of an abundance." Therefore the cloud must not be a small cloud. Nobody has seen the cloud, but it is in the sky. Nobody has seen it. And God said, "Once you get a glimpse of the cloud, run for your life, for acceleration shall begin from that point," says the Lord of Hosts.

Now you speak about abundance. You say, "Prophet, this is the wrong time to speak about abundance. This is the wrong time, don't you understand there is a recession?" "What did you say? You have slapped Me in the face! Do not speak what the news media say. I dare you to obey the Lord and speak what the prophets say: 'There is no recession!' Why? For in one day I can change everything," says the Lord.

"The abundance that I speak of will remove those who have stood in the way of My liberty, and said, 'We will not allow anyone else on this platform.' No, you do not tell Me who comes onto this platform," says the Spirit of God. You have dug ditches, you have dug ditches, you have dug big holes, your men have stayed with you. They've dug with you. What are you speaking about, Kim? "You have prepared yourself to contain the rain so when it comes it will never leave the valley and the place that I placed you in," says the Spirit of the Living God!

"Your Technology Shall be So Cutting Edge, Your Internet and Your Page Shall Explode!"

"The eyes of them that have been blinded," the Spirit of God says, "will be opened. Congregants and constituents that walked away and spat at you--and they did--shall come and they shall return. And they shall say, 'From the spit that was on the ground, may something be formed to open our eyes again, please.'"

For God said, "This I say to you today, for every mockery and everything that has been spoken and for the spittle that has gone onto the ground, I will take it and I will form it, and I will put it in their eyes and open the eyes of New York City, I will open the eyes of Long Island.

"I will open the eyes of every island," and God said, "You will say, 'What has happened?' For suddenly Elijah prophesied, 'Go back to your valley. Go back to your valley, dig holes and ditches, and wait.'" The Spirit of God said, "Suddenly, in the early hours of the morning from Edom, came water. An abundance shall come, not from the tithe of the Church, not from the offerings of the saints; it shall come from Edom, for I will unblock something and shall bring from the unholy places, and bring from the religious settings, and bring from New York City--even from beyond that place. You will say, 'Where? How?'"

God said, "I will bring, and they will come, and you will say, 'Everything has been paid off! Everything has been cleared up! We can build again, we can build again, we can build again, we can build again, yes!' Your children, the young men and women of this city, shall occupy this place!

Please do not take this lightly--and I know that you do not--for some begin to despise prophecy because it doesn't seem to unfold. "I've surrounded you with some very good people, but there are a few more to come. They will come, not from religious institutions, but they shall be taught by the ways of the world.

"Your technology shall be so cutting edge, your internet and your page shall explode. They will watch and they will say the people I'm giving you are innovative, creative, young men. They shall take this from a multi-million-dollar concern to a billion-dollar concern." Why? And people don't shout for that, because they don't like "billion" with "church." If we don't change our mind, we're going to stick back there with "million." You think a million's a lot?

God's changing our whole structure, our whole economy.

"There is an economy of grace. There's a whole new system that's been raised up," says the Spirit.

"A whole, brand new computer that has a speed greater than lightning. People shall say, 'No, this thing is evil.'" God says, "It's My doing! This computer and this whole technology shall reach the entire earth. Every being on the face of the earth shall be reached by this ludicrous--they call it ludicrous--speed. And it shall be possible for men and women in India, third world countries, to hear the Gospel in seconds!

"Out of New York and Seattle, Washington, this shall happen. I say this to you because I am going to give you and have given you young men and women that are so sharp, you will be one of the first to have this technology. You shall use it and change it to a multi-billion dollar concern. Why?" God said, "So that you will be able to fund, you will be able to give out, and as in the days of Moses, you will say to the people 'Stop giving, we have too much!'"

Can you imagine that? Stop giving, we have too much!

"And they have said, 'He will die before this.' Ha, My servants do not die so easily! For what you've dreamed about and what you've prayed about, what you've cried about, what you've had sorrow about shall change--not in the year 2008, the year 2009.

Spiritual Light Will Be Brought to Manhattan and Broadway

"You'll have a specific thing happen to your physical body that will change it. Why? Because," God says, "I'm going to prove that the change and the metamorphosis that takes place within the Kingdom shall take place with My servant, as well. And tears shall be turned into laughter and joy. Hardness shall be changed into a softness. And because you've remained pliable, the prophet is here not for anybody else but for you and your house this morning." That's why I brought my team to play along with me, because there's a march and an army that's going ahead of you, preparing the way.

"But there will be 19 buildings that shall be acquired--not on Long Island, but," God said, "within Manhattan as well as other places, for the purpose of displaying My themes through various plays and dramas and broadcasts. A whole, brand new line shall enter Broadway, which shall bring spiritual light and spiritual influence into a region that is controlled and held in bondage," says the Lord! "Do you see the light? Do you see the light? Do you see the light?

"I want Broadway to be spiritually inflamed. You need properties--19 properties." When God speaks a word, somebody has to go fight. There's a fight going on, a fight for the life of the city. This is going to be a youth emporium. You are going to be in the city. He's prepared you, you've practiced, and you've practiced, and you've prepared yourself--for what? For the marketplace.

Now you are absolutely responsible to pray with, support, and stand behind what is about to take place. In that city and in Manhattan and in all those territories, there are young men and women who are crying out to be a part of this great maneuver.

God, You are so crafty, You go ahead and maneuver us right in there; provide the buildings, provide the space, provide the staff, provide the expertise, provide the equipment--let's go in and turn it upside down in a covert manner, that they won't realize that these are sheep dressed up as wolves that are coming in to snatch them out of darkness and bring them into the glorious light!

All of these leaders in front and standing on the platform, pray for them right now. I've come for you. My mandate is: "What do you want to do; what do you want me to do to prepare the way?" He's been digging ditches. What does that mean? So that when the water comes from Edom--not from some revival that will be contained--your enemies will see it as blood and be confounded and run away. That's the word of the Lord. You won't have to fight this time; the fight is in the containing of the abundance that God is bringing.

The Sources of Energy are About to be Released

To the man in the suit: "The industry that I am bringing upon many men and women in technology shall change the world. Don't give up, a dream is a dream that does become reality. The future is the future, but it does become the present. At some time, Christ moved from being a future being to becoming a present being. And most people didn't accept Him and are still looking out for Him. Your future is becoming the present right now. Take it, no matter how stupid it may seem, no matter what people say, you got it; fight with it, run with it. The sources of energy that are about to be released," God said, "I'm going to make billionaires out of My people because they're going to have an insight to what's going on and have wisdom."

I get scientists writing to me, "Tell us more about the vision that you've had," and God stops me and says, "You cannot share it before its time, because there are greedy men. But there are also righteous men, and I will do it at the right time and help them."

Your Place of Pain Will Become Your Place of Reign

Lord, these that have served, that have held, that have stood through the test of time--some of them still do. Honor them. Some of them have had heartbreak and family breakups; it doesn't matter, you have fought through. You've come back, and because of that...now I want to remind you of something that God said to Jacob. I preached it on this platform six years ago. Jacob laid his head down on a rock, on a stone in a place called Luz. He was running away, he had nothing, he was in a place of pain.

As he fell asleep, God spoke to him, opened up the Heavens and said, "You are going to touch multitudes. Out of you a nation is going to be born. You will bless the north, the south, the east and the west. In you will the blessing come out." Jacob woke up in the same mess, in the same place, but his perception had changed. He said, "How awesome is this place of pain. It is no longer a place of pain, but it is a place of reign. I'm going to take the same place that caused me pain and turn it into a place of reign."

God doesn't get you out of the mess, He transforms the mess. And you may be in a mess today, and God's going to transform you in that mess. Don't ask to get out of it; be transformed and change it into a place of reign so you can do something with it!

Jacob took a stone--and he has no money, he had nothing. He said, "God is in this place and I never knew it. Now I can see it, so I'm going to offer an offering to Him." He takes a stone--that's all he's got--and he offers it to the Lord. And he says, "This stone is going to become my pillar." That's the word of the Lord for your servants and for your associates and for men and women of God.

You that have been stoned, God is pouring an oil on you to become pillars. You thought you were a pillar. You are now so strong--I don't want to use the word, but the word "fused" has come to me. There's no way out, John, there's no way out. Sammy, there's no way out. Georgina, there's no way out. You are now pillars. So, I thought I was a pillar. Now you are a God-pillar.

Twenty years later, after Jacob's gone and he's met his wives and been through a whole lot of trouble, God approaches him and says, "I want to make you the wealthiest man on the earth." He says, "I want you to do something," and He gives him an idea to take a poplar tree branch and to strip it, cut it, and place it in front of the stock so that they produce exactly what they need to produce so that he can make a whole lot of money.

So, he becomes the wealthiest man, but this is how God introduces him: He says to him, "I am the God that met you on your way, the God whom you offered a stone and a pillar." God took that and said, "What you gave Me in your place of pain, now I'm remembering just that. The God who received your offering as a stone that became a pillar--I'm now giving you access to a whole new dimension of prosperity."

Now that could be spiritual, it could be--God will give you ideas, and all of you in front need to be innovative, to be creative. Because what's going to happen is God's going to give you dreams and visions and ideas. Use them, present them, start a committee, if you wish, that will sit down, because what's about to happen is so big that it's blowing me up. I feel like I'm gonna explode. I've got to get out of here as soon as I can. You are causing me to want to explode, because your faith has suddenly connected with my prophetic word; I can feel it inside of you.

Kim Clement
House Of Destiny