A Word for Gaza

Prophesied on the 24`th of October 2009, Najoth Berlin-Spandau

“Gaza, there is an old movement in you, that is about to end to release an uplifting!
Fear not the point of a short time of darkness, because I AM about to bring enlightenment, says the Lord!
Because My eye is fixed on you, it will be, that a great light will shine over you!
I will use you as a stripe to speak to the international political arena!
It will trigger astonishment among many nations because I shine from you!
There is an uplifting of the voice of My Bride in Gaza!
Gaza, I will speak to you out of a bush like I did with Moses, because you laid your destiny into My measure of prophetic power (Genesis 21:15-17)!
Keep attention on the winds, that will move in you! These are My angels, that will serve you (Psalm 104:4; Hebrews 1:7)!
There are prophets who will arise out of you! Those are the archers of My time (see Genesis 21:20)!
They will release the prophecies for this time out of My proportion of prophetic measure, says the Lord! They are My light arrows of revelation!
And this will be that way, because Hagar has found her fountain (Genesis 21:19)!
Keep attention on the mothers and children in Gaza! Those are the bows and arrows!
It is the time of the elevation, that I bring, so that you can recognize me as the covenant bearer, says the Lord (Judges 16:3)!”

Amen and Amen.

In His Wisdom,

Daniel Glimm