2012 A Year of Great Breakthrough

As 2012 starts God will open up “suddenly” open doors. We have to seize the opportunities that God will bring to many at breakneck speeds. We will have to be flexible enough to flow with the doors that open, that are totally unexpected when they come. Out of these “surprise” unplanned doors will come the greatest advancement this year.

Divine appointments that were totally not planned will arise, ask the Lord to help you discern the divine appointments that will be the answer to your prayers and visions and callings to come into being.
As the shaking of the nations increases the opportunities for unequaled harvest will also come. With chaos also comes great opportunity. Look for the opportunity in each of the shakings. Some of these opportunities will be so BIG that it will stretch our faith to even take the step into them. But once we do we will leap into accelerated destiny!  A big key to this will be FLEXIBILITY and flowing with the rapid changes occurring in our lives, ministries, businesses and nations.

God will cause those that have been faithful, to actually leap and accomplish more in 1 year than they have in 4 years. With that will come 4 times more harvest, favor, and blessings. Previous closed doors will open while others doors the Lord never intended for you to go through will remain shut for your benefit, while other new doors will open that are more than we could ask or think.
This year God will emphasize the tribes that help us to breakthrough into new realms. The tribes of Judah, Issachar and Zebulon were always the first tribes that God sent into battle to open new territory. Judah means praise. As we praise our way this year, we will see rapid victories over our enemies. Praise God no matter the circumstances! God always send his praisers first!

Then Issachar which is the prophetic tribe. This tribe knows what Israel ought to do and knows the times and seasons. As you praise God and link in with prophetic direction it is like a 2 edged sword that causes great breakthrough this year. Be led by praise and prophetic direction.

The 3rd tribe is Zebulon. It is the tribe that knows how to bring in provision from the seas. God will give you supernatural creative ability and direction this year, if you ask for it. He will give you unique strategies to see the provision come in so you cannot only break into new territory, but do so with the provision needed to build in that new territory, lacking nothing to advance. Ask God to connect you to the Zebulon’s. Often you will have characteristics and mantles stronger in one of these tribes, but then God will have you link up with others that have the mantle you lack for victory. If you are a businessperson (Zebulon) you will need to link up with the Isacchar tribe that can give you direction on where to throw the nets in for the catch. If you are a praise and worshipper (Judah) you will need to link up with Isacchar and Zebulon and vica versa for full victory. We all need to tap into the prophetic or get with those who are of the prophetic tribe, as well as the Judah and Zebulon tribe, if we are to experience full Breakthrough into new territory this year.
12 is the number of government. This year God will either reinforce your alignments and/or connect with new apostolic alignments that have to do with your destiny. Just like Judah, Zebulon and Isaachar were linked up for their purpose, God will link you up with those you are to be properly aligned with for this next season in God’s kingdom advancing.  As those you align with breakthrough, you also experience major breakthrough and blessing.  Some alignments are for a season and when the season is over if we don’t make the transition to connect with the new alignments we could miss out stepping into the next chapter of our destiny, living in the past and missing the future glory.
God is going to pinpoint more and more the idea of removing the clutter and simplifying our lives. Just as an office full of to much clutter hinders your work and focus, so also too much clutter in our lives will hinder and diminish our effectiveness. Clutter and distractions such as taking on more than God has specifically told us to do will hinder our breakthroughs.

God will also lead many to get completely free of every debt; from mortgages, car loans, credit card debts and any other debt as these can weigh us down. God will give you the strategy to be completely debt free in 2012 if you ask and obey His directions.  For many this will be a jubilee year as God resets your life owing no man anything but to love.

Too much electronic visuals can clutter our minds hindering us from receiving the peace of God and downloads from heaven. Many will be led to diminish their time on emails, facebook, TV, and other entertainments that in and of themselves are not necessarily wrong and even necessary in our modern world, yet at the same time can overload our systems and senses and start to desensitize us to what the Spirit is trying to get through to us when abused. Some will realize how addicted they are to electronic communication and media when they take a “fast”from it for seasons to hear the Lord.  I love it when I am in primitive settings as often occurs when traveling as when I was in with the indigenous tribes of the nation of Vanuatu speaking. We slept in a grass hut with no TV, internet or cell phone connection and the glory and visitations were clear and unobstructed not to mention the physical rebooting and strength that comes when the electromagnetic interference is not overloading our minds and even zapping our energy all the time. Ask God how you can minimize it or delegate some of it to free up that time to hear and be with God.
God is leading many to reposition their life, ministry, and business either spiritually and even at times geographically.  Elijah was at the brook being provided for until the brook dried up. God was wanting him to take the step of faith to be a blessing somewhere else. Out of that re-locating came new provision, ministry and miracles.  Don’t expect the favor, and provision to come from the same source this year. God will at times purposely dry up one brook so that we will take the step of faith to obey him by going into the new territory God has for us.
Many nations are being re-aligned this year. Watch to see who the nations align with. The nations that align with Israel, such as Singapore has been doing, will be doubly blessed. Asia is rising in 2012! Watch for China and North Korea. North Korea will soon be one of the largest harvest fields in history within the next few years, but great shakings will come right before this. Much of Asia is experiencing great revival and harvest which is also causing the economies of Asia to rise as a side effect in places such as Indonesia, Singapore, parts of China, South Korea and other Asian nations and even India. As the nations start to shake like an apple tree being shaken, GREAT OPPORTUNITY will be the result. Have your harvesting baskets already positioned under the tree!

America also will go through great shakings, but it will also result in a great harvest of souls! America will encounter God. The greatest moves of God are yet to come. God is not finished with America, we will see a great awakening once again even if that has to come via great shakings. Either way God will have His nation running back to Him. When the economic, political, spiritual and geographical shakings start to occur know that the Great Harvest is also right around the corner. In the darkest hour God often shines the brightest! God is looking for the Joshua and Calebs that say “Give me my mountain” even in the midst of Giants in the land and seemingly overwhelming odds…
In 2012 “all things are possible to them that believe!"
Blessings & Glory,

David Herzog
The Glory Zone