Conquering Your Mountain

Dear Warriors,

On New Year’s Eve, God spoke a powerful word about conquering our mountain this year. He then went on to reveal to us that our determination to conquer the mountain of debt would enable Him to release certain things on the earth, which would cause us to excel in the field that we're in and multiply our resources.

Historical Truth and Creative Truth

The trouble is that we have been in a pathetic state of maintaining rather than claiming. To maintain means “to keep in existence or to keep in a specified state or position.” There is a huge difference between "keeping in existence" and “bringing into existence.” As I've taught before, there are two realms of divine truth, historical truth and creative truth. Both are equally as important and in fact the one cannot exist without the other. The trouble is that historical truth is easier to maintain as it has already been born and is now buried. Another term that I use for historical truth is “truth in the tomb.” Gaston Bachelard wrote, "One must always maintain one's connection to the past and yet ceaselessly pull away from it. To remain in touch with the past requires a love of memory.

To remain in touch with the past requires a constant imaginative effort." Creative truth, on the other hand, removes all of these efforts and instead of “imaginative effort,” we are now plummeted into a whole new world of creative imagination. Nothing exists until or unless it is observed. Prophecy presents an image to the hearer. An image is a word or in the Greek "logos." Remember, the divine word/image is a seed that once planted in your soul, will grow. How does it grow? In the imagination! So once the future is revealed to an individual, the next step is creative observation. Observation IS creative.

Don`t Spend Time Oberserving Your Present Misrey!

How is it that people keep thinking about what they don't want even when they're hugely motivated to manifest something new? It's simple. What you don't want has affected you because you've experienced it in the past, dragged it into your present and therefore it is foremost in your mind. We have to ceaselessly pull away from it. You must refrain from intending its continuation. Before something that you intend can manifest, you have to discontinue manifesting what you DON'T intend becoming or being. Let me give an example that I read recently.

How come when I intend wealth, I'm still poor? Why is it that when I intend a new career, I'm still stuck in the old one? If you're overweight and your INTENTION is to be thin, and you go to the mirror and see your overweight body, you just intended the opposite of what you want, thereby negating your intention to be thin. How so? You were using your imagination and MANIFESTING in your mind what you wanted to look like, but then saw yourself in the present and negated the future because what you SEE is what you be. There is no such thing as observation without creation. Don't spend time observing your present misery!!! There has to be a MANIFESTATION of your IMAGE. What has God shown you about yourself that is NOT manifesting yet? Do everything in your power to make sure it manifests because once it does, the power of that manifestation will drive you away from the present “reality.”

You cannot “un-create” what you've already created or manifested. Once something has manifested in your reality, it's too late to un-create it, and the more you OBSERVE it the more it is perpetuated. It's impossible to focus all your attention on the future (thin) without thinking of the present (overweight). How can you not think about being broke if you don't have the money to pay your accounts? That's where the prophetic comes into being, and trust me it works! Even though your history may have brought you present misery, your destiny can bring you manifested freedom, and once you taste of that freedom you are driven and motivated to move toward your goal rapidly.

So we are stuck with our present situation - how do we make it go away? As I said, you can't un-create it, but you can IMPROVE it and actually conquer it. The beginning of prophetic imagination is to begin CONQUERING your mountain. A mountain doesn't always disappear, but it can be conquered. Step by step, mile by mile, foot by foot, it can be conquered. What did Biblical figure Caleb do at the age of 85? He said to Joshua, "NOW GIVE ME THIS MOUNTAIN." The mountain was filled with giants, but Caleb knew that unless he conquered the mountain and took control of it, he would never rule over it.

We have just started to conquer our mountain in 2012 and I believe with my whole heart that many of you will be manifesting freedom from debt, bit by bit, quicker than you could IMAGINE.

Kim Clement
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