Rend the Heavens and Let Prophetic Revelation Fall! Key Prophecies for Now!

Dear Advancing Saints,

During this season, there is lots of spiritual activity in the atmosphere!

This is a time to prophesy. Recently, I was a leadership meeting and the statement the Lord had me share was:

"The gifts that Yeshua left in the earth realm to enforce His authority were apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists. The gift that gets controlled or stopped, which hinders the others from coming into fullness, is the prophet's gift and authority. Apostles will attempt to build a pattern without present revelation, and end up building man's model."

The Lord has been falling on us in our worship gatherings with prophetic revelation! Receive this revelation from this portal to your heart:

Watch the Shaking! A New Path Form!

New songs break old cycles. Here is a Song of the Spirit from James Vincent:

And it's not only happening above us, but it's happening beneath us.
The foundations of the earth are being shaken,
And there is a reckoning in the deep,
The Lord's power and His Might is going to be the only thing standing after this fight.
Just the same way David stood before Goliath,
And said one of us is going to be left standing and it's going to be me,
It's going to be for the One who lived forever,
Who lives eternally and you are going to fall before me this day.
Oh the reckoning – it's happening beneath our feet,
It's happening beneath our feet,
It's happening beneath our feet.
Watch the shaking, watch the shaking, watch the shaking, watch the shaking!

The Lord says, "Some of you are moving down and you are taking layers in the ground where iniquity has dwelt in the land that I've caused you to have. Not only move up, but also move down. Even look at stocks that have been linked with what has been mined from quarries. Look at quarry stocks, and look at investments that are linked with true mining, for I am going to move on mining systems in this hour.

"I am stirring the nether springs; I am stirring the healing waters of the nether springs of this earth. Look! Look! Look! There are treasures hidden in that darkness that I am stirring, healing waters to bring forth in this hour. I'm going deep underneath and there's healing springs that have never sprung up. There's mining structures that have never brought forth. I am sending whirlwinds down in the earth as well as stirring up the powers that have held back and covered over the resources that have been hidden."

There is a path ahead that will shake open for you to be sent!

There has been necessity for us to cut open paths on the ground as well as on the roof of the Global Spheres Center. This big, old building's ceiling is carrying lots of ice. Pray for us – that the heavens clear. We need a new roof, but that is a different project for a different time.

Doors and Bees, and Paths, Oh My!

Not only is this season about doors and bees, but it's also about PATHS! We need to understand that there will be situations in your life when you are going to have to wait until your path from last season is connected to the path for this season. You also must know that you are going to have to actually form the path through worship. You can't just jump in and say everything is formed, but you will need to worship!

Don't try to go forth in the same way that you've always gone forth. Just as with the path you see, you will have to break up ground that needs to be broken up. You have to break up slippery places where you could slip in days ahead.

Once you've done your part, sit down and rest and wait till God puts the other piece in place. Don't try to do it all; don't try to do more than you should. Even use other paths that others have formed. Let God order the connections necessary for your breakthrough! Allow the Lord to start you, new and fresh. Let Him add to you; let each gift that is necessary to be aligned come into your path for this season.

This is a key time of watching, entering in, and watching how God sets our course ahead. For the Lord says, "I will cause your path to connect where it needs to connect this season. I will cause you to move forward. I Am paving the way for you to become victorious! Things will get lighter and lighter and lighter – do not fear the darkness!"

Father, we thank You today not only for the door, we thank You not only for the honey of the land, but we also thank You that You will form a PATH to get us through the door and into the honey of the land.

Vision – A Whirlwind Released from the 3rd Heaven on December 11, 2013

(From Marty Cassady, Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Janice Swinney, Dee Dee Roberts, and Elaine Priestly):

I just saw a whirlwind released from the 3rd Heaven – the highest Heaven where God is seated on the Throne. And that whirlwind is totally encircling the 2nd Heaven. I don't know what's going on, but during these 10 days something is breaking!

The Lord is releasing a whirlwind over Washington, DC. It is a day of turning; things are turning, thrones are turning over, and power is shifting. Things are shifting in Washington DC. The King is going to be enthroned! And over Rockefeller Square in New York, we say a whole new re-alignment of the structure of economy in this land is now turning. I Am, and what is been held up now and held back will start being given over. Lord, we decree it today!

There's a new news to report; there will be new news to report. They'll be a shift in the media it will be right to say that God is God and every man a liar. God will be true and every man a liar! And I saw that same swirling over Mayo Clinics and over Johns Hopkins Universities, and over the major hospitals and the learning medical institutions in this Nation.

God says, "My whirlwind is being seen over them and there will come a new rule of righteousness in medical study; in experiment into the healing industry in this land. My healing will rule and will reign in those structures!"

And all of those ruling forces over that Obamacare and that insurance structure that's stopping I AM, Jehovah Raphe, from rising up in this land, we say today there's a new breakthrough! You'll begin to see that whirlwind taking out your enemy!

There's a catching up over Kansas; a catching up over Kansas. And the Spirit of God is going to rise out of Kansas and in other places, in DC., and will say what is necessary to be said this hour. We loose revelation, we loose words that produce whirlwinds and we declare they are being re-deposited over the Federal Reserve System. We say let Your whirlwind of words begin to come down and deposit revelation where it should be.

"For I am your spin doctor! I am spinning today over the regions of this earth that need to be corrected. I am blowing away, by My Spirit, those things that have held you captive and I am establishing My Spiritual government over those things that need healing and need release! ...Jump into the grace of this spinning force and go with Me and land at a new place!

I am bringing a shaking underneath the mountains and I am causing it to fall. I am breaking and shaking underneath those mountains to turn up those things that have been hidden. Those things that need to be exposed, I Am exposing.

For this is a time that I am beginning to cause My people to come up, and to come up and over; this is a time I'm calling you to come up and over. And those things that have stopped you, those things that have kept you back, I'm shaking them off of you. I'm causing them to shake underneath your feet. I'm causing you to step right through, so you begin to see a vision of what I'm doing, because I'm breaking those old molds off of you.

I'm breaking those old impressions off of you; I'm removing that old thing you need to shake off. You need to let it go because I'm putting you to the top of the mountain. Some of you are rising, some of you are coming up, some of you are moving into a new realm. There's new dimensions to begin to see, and I'm causing you to see, break open and begin to see through those dimensions. Let Me restore, let Me renew, let Me bring forth a new value in you!"

The Next 10 Days Are Critical!

"Over the next 10 days I will call you to a certain night watch that will uncover that which has kept you from taking ground in past seasons. When I call you in that one hour, stand before Me, sit before Me, lay before Me and watch Me give you strategies that will uncover ground that has been held back and release supply that could not be released."

I see the Lord lifting depression, that thing which has held you down during this season. Instead of saying, "I despise this time of season," He is saying, "Like Mary, let it be unto Me, because the angel of the living God will come and He will overshadow you." And even now as this word is being released He's overshadowing you and the depression is breaking and you'll no longer be depressed but you'll be exalted by the very Presence of the living God!

We ask for an overshadowing of Your glory realm that breaks oppression, depression, and how we have been laid out and suffered in the last season.

The Ayin (this decade) Season is a Shifting Season for New Vision!

The Lord is saying to go back to the beginning of this decade. The Word of the Lord starting at the shift of this Ayin season which would be right at 2009 September.

"I was shifting a season at that time – an Ayin season for you to see in a new way and gain new vision. But some of you are hanging onto old structures that are hanging onto you. Those things are clouding the path ahead. And in this year of the PATH, cut loose what is necessary to let go of, so you so you can see your path very clearly. Shut the door completely to the old, so you are walking in confidence in the new. Shut the door to even your old way of worship, your old religious structures, and your old visions systems. Shut the door to it and advance!

Even that cloud that has been around you. I am going to give you energy to leap above that cloud so you can see. Leap quickly, look quickly and see your path. For when you return to the place you presently are you will say, 'I got a glimpse but I'm not sure how to get there.' The more you leap, the easier you'll see, and you will walk into the place that I have for you. These next eight weeks are key for you walking into this place. So leap, see, leap, see, and the way will open up.

This is a season that as you leap you are going to begin to see what it's like to fly. Other generations have been earth bound, but this is the generation that those that have gone before you are believing that you will fly – that we will send you forward and you will fly through the heavens.

Don't you know you were created, shaped and formed with those hinds feet to leap from one high place to the next? In this season, as you begin to leap from revelation to revelation, the leaping from revelation to revelation will cause you not only to see clearly and sharply what's in front of you and the future I have planned, but will also clear up the questions of the past. There has been a path and a plan from before you were. This is the season to begin to leap and see, leap and see, and have an understanding of what your life was purposed and planned for from the beginning."

Father, those that were leaping from one high place to the other, and one of the ruling spirits of the high places knocked them down and caused them to fall in the cracks, we decree right now we're pulling people up out of the cracks. We decree we're pulling them up out of the cracks. We're decreeing that we're dusting off and repairing their hind's feet.

Lord, we ask today for a repairing of our hind's feet and to pull us up out of the crack that has tried to hold us captive when we were leaping from one place to the next.

"Some of you are surrounded by death. Some of you keep saying, 'If I just get out of this place of death I can do this or I can do that.' But even in a place of death you can establish the Presence of the Most High God!

I Am the Ancient of Days over your life. I have wisdom that is beyond any modern structure that you are contending against. Even the world is trying to wear you down and cause your mind to be weary at this time. But I am raising you above the world's way of thinking, and in raising you above; I am seating you next to Me.

Do not lose your joy in the midst of this warfare that you're in. For in the raising up, I will cause you to have wisdom that can dismantle every demonic host that are assigned to wear you down. Do not grow weary in that circumstance that you are having to tediously contend in. Continue to contend and I will show you the strand of revelation that you need to defeat your enemy."

Vision of Wall with a Sparrow WATCHING!

Now let me leave us with this. Not quite two weeks ago I was sitting in my office and I had a vision. A sparrow was on a wall, looking very intently. The season had changed and it was cold. All of a sudden, Psalm 84 came to my mind:

"How lovely is Your tabernacle, O LORD of Hosts! My soul longs, yes, even faints for the courts of the LORD. My heart and my flesh cry out for the living God. Even the sparrow has found a home, and the swallow a nest for herself, where she may lay her young - even Your altars, O LORD of hosts, my King and my God. Blessed are those who dwell in Your house; they will still be praising You."

"Watch carefully over these next several weeks for a season is now upon you of great change. Change is now here with you, and in the midst of this change watch carefully, for it will affect greatly your young and your young's young. Watch carefully! For this is a time not only to position yourself in My tabernacle and find your place in praising Me, but in the midst of your positioning yourself, watch carefully, for the nest now will change.

"I will change how you have secured your nest, and only from the revelation of My house can your house be built properly. This is a time at this change of season, for you to watch. For the nest that you once had will now change and your young and your children's young will learn to protect themselves in a new way. And you will continue watching from My Tabernacle until the next two generations learn how to watch and build their own nests with Me."


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries