The Covenant with God and the Higher Level of Power

There is the time and the season that has come of the covenant with God, the Father, and the covenant with God, the bridegroom through the sonship in Christ which is taken up to a higher level of power!
It is a new dimension of sacrifice and a new dimension of priesthood revealed to you, who are willing to walk by faith and not by sight, says the Spirit of the LORD (cf. Revelation 1:5-6 i.c.w. Revelation 5:6)!
Look up to the future that is about to come with wondrous blessings, the expression of favor in areas of your life where it has not been experienced before!
It will come by faith, faith, faith – and not by sight (cf. 2 Corinthians 5:7)!
Get ready for the season of preparation for the next two years ahead, it will be given by ‘twenty-two’ and get prepared in this season! And after that, there will be the season of growing for two more years to come! Get ready for the ‘twenty-four’, which will be a time and a sign of blessing! Promotions, favour and weddings created by the LORD, will be released!
It is by faith and not by sight, when you are willing to get to a higher level of faith and faithfulness, says the LORD!
Pay attention to the fact that you go ahead in faith and do not allow unbelief to stop you on the path of God's promise for your life, because things suddenly change from one second to the next into the positive (cf. Hebrews 11:1 i.c.w. Luke 18:27)!
You are about to come forward with a report of praise that will encourage people around you to move forward in faith!
Look at the things that are established and adjust them by faith according to the Word of God for this time!
Do not fear the light of the revelatory truth of the present because God is truth and wants to place you at the center of His will!
Move right into the center of His truth to see and recognize the truth for you (cf. Psalm 36:9)!
Enter into this truth and do not be afraid of the way God is communicating things to you in the time of change!
There is the prophetic anointing that appears as if in a prison because it is about to change from the face of the eagle to the face of the lion, says the spirit of the prophet (cf. Matthew 4:12.17)!
It seems that things of justice are regressing but this is not the case! It is like the waters of the sea that are receding because a great wave of awakening for the truth is coming!
There are many things that are readjusting and rearranging themselves because they are aligning and orienting themselves to the truth!
The truth is Jesus Christ and leaves the area of unbelief because of legalism and religion! It enters into an area where it effectively influences society (cf. Matthew 4:13-16)!
It is about the power of the Word of God that resides in the true fellowship of saints and is connected with sonship and the governing presence of the Father in the throne room!
It is about the rock that is in the house by the sea (cf. Acts 10:6 i.c.w. Revelation 4:6a)!
There is the prophetic gift that is currently going through the eye of a needle, because it wants to transform itself in you to a greater measure, says the spirit of the prophet!
The way you have received things from God is about to change because there is a translocation of communication in the five senses (cf. Hebrews 5:14)!
It is the presence of the ‘Shalom’ of God who is whirling like a wind ‘dancing’ the prophetic gift into a new spiritual dimension! This is accompanied by great triumph, because the upper waters and the lower waters stand in a ‘trellis’ to open the way into the new dimension (cf. Exodus 14:22)!
God's government and His righteous judgments intensify because a ‘dance’ has taken place in the heavens, accompanied by a new song in the governing sonship of God (cf. Exodus 15:1 i.c.w. Exodus 15:20-21)!”
Amen and Amen.
In His Wisdom,
Daniel & Tina Glimm