The Movement is Opening for Your Future!

Dear Triumphant Ones,

what an incredible morning we had on Sunday!  Holy Spirit was hovering and waiting to express the mind and heart of God.  Now is a time to listen and watch carefully for the movement that will take us into our future.  I heard the LORD say, “The heavens are now beginning to move greatly. There are many movements in the heavens. These movements are now coming into the earth realm, the Heaven that you’re walking in.  Because of My Movement in your bones through your blood, I will use you to re-arrange the earth. Nations will re-align. I will surprise you with confrontations; I will re-align you for the alignment of Heaven that is entering into the earth! And you might say, 'Will things ever be the same again?' And I say to you, 'No, an emphatic NO!' For what I have ahead is beyond even what you experienced earlier today. Get in the Movement for the Movement is now coming! I will go back in your past and in an accelerated moment re-align your mistakes. I can re-align you so that you move with Me. Don't spend so much time looking in the past or you’ll lose the Movement that is opening for you in the future. Heaven and Earth are re-aligning today over you and through your bones!”

Now is the time to align for your future, and declare that the best is yet ahead!

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries