A House Church Revival: The Synaxis Uprising!

Several years ago, God showed me a changing way of gathering that was occurring in His Kingdom plan.
He revealed that new, faster, innovative ways of communication were coming. He showed me small, intimate gatherings in homes to strategize and gain direction to overcome in the world. He showed me our ability to meet, communicate quickly and then advance and have influence in the world. He showed me the house church structure for the future and why this type of gathering in clusters was important.
How we gather and strategize will be our key to overcoming in days ahead.
One of the early Church's names for “house church” gatherings was SYNAXIS. Synaxis is a Greek word that means “a gathering, a coming together or a reunion.” A synaxis was a “family reunion” of their spiritual family. A synaxis was a very specific kind of meeting, with a very specific purpose.
While synaxis gatherings are mentioned all throughout the New Testament, the book of 1 Corinthians gives us the clearest picture of what took place in these meetings.
1 Corinthians reveals that synaxis meetings were designed to accomplish at least four specific things:
1. Fellowship
2. Praise and Worship
3. The Lord's Supper (Communion)
4. Equipping Believers to exercise their spiritual gifts.
Every week, the members of the early Church met in a synaxis. As the large celebration gatherings were incubators for faith and vision, the small synaxis gatherings were incubators for gifts. In the synaxis, Believers were trained to discover, develop, and practice their gifts. It is in the context of a synaxis that the goal of Ephesians 4 is fulfilled.
God's people are equipped for the work of ministry. I believe that was a major key to the success of the early Church. Even if all of the five-fold ministers were in place, if there was not a place where Believers could actually practice their gifts, no “equipping” could occur. But when Believers are built up in faith through the celebrations, and then given opportunity to exercise their gifts in the synaxis, a revival dynamic is created.
The Church is no longer a passive congregation. It is an army, operating in the supernatural power of God to change the world.
Chuck D. Pierce