"And the forms and the structures--they're coming down from the old wineskin, and a new wineskin is being built."
January 2, 2007 - Maricopa, Arizona

Below is a transcribed prophecy which was given by Stacey Campbell on January 2nd, 2007 in Maricopa, Arizona, at a gathering hosted by Patricia King from Extreme Prophetic. Patricia invited a group of prophetic people/ministers to gather and to celebrate, and to seek the Lord for the new year.

Changing Times. Changing Seasons

And when John the Baptist said, "Behold the Lamb of God," all the structures--they broke down. They came down...falling literally fell down. First in his body, then in the natural in 70 AD.

Living Stones

Everything they knew came down. Because we're living stones. Living stones! Living stones! The life is not in the form. The life is in the stone. The DNA is in the brick.

A City Made of Stones

God is building His Church and the final revelation of the Church in Heaven is not even the bride, it's a city--a city made of stones. And a light comes out of the stones to all the nations.

And all the stones come around the temple, and God is the temple in the middle of the stones. The Lamb is the temple, and the Lamb is the light. There's no light, but the temple in the middle of the stones. The living stones!

Great Transformation

There's a great transformation going on in the Body of Christ in the globe. And the forms and the structures--they're coming down from the old wineskin, and a new wineskin is being built, but it's very hard to discern.

The people are looking for it and they say, "Is this it? Is that it? Is this the Christ? Is this the One? Is this the form? Is this the structure?" And all over the earth they're looking for the form that can contain the presence of God.

A Harvest that is So Big...

But what is coming? The harvest that is coming is so big, it cannot be contained in one structure. Even as the first structure was completely destroyed so that one stone was not left upon the other. The Church as you now know--it will never be the same! And this is the key--the life is in the bricks.

The Stones Are Alive!

Living stones. They're alive! They're alive! They're alive! They're ALIVE they contain His Spirit! So the key is not to discern the form, but the key is to discern the brick.

Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you in God? It comes from God and to God it shall return and it shall surround His presence forever and ever and ever and ever and ever in Heaven!

Who Are You?

Whenever you discern the "form" without discerning the "stone", you will have a temporary structure that will not last. But whenever you discern the stone, uh huh, uh huh, I see that stone! I know that stone--that's an Apostolic stone. That's a Prophet stone. That's a healing stone! And you begin to let the old stones go with the young stones. The male stones go side-by-side with the female stones.

Joel 2 and Acts 2. It's coming again, it's coming again! And when you discern the stone correctly, you can build a multiplicity of containers that contain less. That are less. That hold life. That hold the living, flowing presence of God.

It's too Small if it is Only a Structure

There will be a multiplicity of containers, but the stones, they're eternal! Eternal stones coming down from Heaven like a bride adorned. A city that is a bride. Revelation 21, the New Jerusalem, the holy city is like the bride.

When you discern the stones, you will put those living stones that contain life together with other living stones that contain life, and they will build a container for the times to house the presence of God. But if you only have a form, it's too small, it's too small, it's TOO SMALL if it's merely a structure.

It's too small! It will NEVER be able to contain what God is about to do on the earth in terms of harvest!

A Harvest of Billions

There is a harvest coming that is so big, millions and millions and millions. Yea, a billion souls harvest that will need stone joined with stone, joined with stone united, and not divided!

Discerning the life in the brick! The jagged bricks; the old, old, smooth bricks; the grainy bricks all fitting together to form a container for HIM. For HIM! For HIM! For HIM! And for Him, let it be on earth like it will be eternally in Heaven!"

Build a Church that the Gates of Hell will Never Prevail Against

Build your Church Lord Jesus. Build a Church that the gates of hell will never, ever, ever prevail against. Build it, build it, build it out of the little ones! Build it out of the teens. Build it out of the old bricks. Build it out of all the bricks.

The apostles, YES, the apostles. The prophet, the teachers, the evangelist, and the pastors all coming together as living stones to form a container for His holy presence.

Let it be on the earth just like it is in Heaven!

Stacey Campbell