Estonia - God's Green Gemstone

The field of flowers

I saw a field of flowers- different colors, all small field flowers, very pretty and although they looked fragile they were actually very tough. I saw a heavy boot walking and trampling them underfoot. Walking over and over the field (Estonia). You would think they would be crushed but when they were crushed they sprang back up again.

A change in this year 2008

This year there will be a change in the spirit realm and in the very atmosphere that will never be reversed. The Lord said to me, "I will take the weight out of the boot." Although there are religious spirits and old controlling spirits that have tried again and again to take over they will never have the same affect as they have had in previous times.

There is a crack already widening in the concrete of set-in-stone mindsets and people will embrace new things and new people and new liberties. The old guard will allow the new generation guard to rise up and take their place and take authority in the Spirit and walk alongside and then give a push from behind.

The songs of ZION

Leaders of the old established churches will smile at things they frowned upon and the Spirit of God will be released in many places. What you can't say, you can SING. YOU CAN SING THE SONGS OF ZION THAT WILL BREAK STRONGHOLDS. It's not just words but it is the anointing on the words and on the songs, and new songs will come from Estonia and music and musicians and worship groups will rise and bring the Word in the songs and in the worship.

Flags and Banners

Flags and banners will also make declarations - what people cannot hear they will see, and what they can`t see they will hear. A link in the Spirit to Israel will release finances and blessings in the nation.

The creaking Sound

We declare old doors that have been closed to the move of God will OPEN - the hinges will be oiled. There will be a sound like a creaking as you gear when big heavy doors open that have gotten rusty. But when you hear the creaking don't be disturbed, be GLAD for God is moving, and pray for the oil to oil the hinges of the ancient doors of this nation. Estonia COME FORTH - it is time for Estonia is a gateway, a doorway of entrance for many.

The Fashion Industry

The fashion industry will make it's mark and there will be a move of God on the children. Speak and declare that the Christian designers and businessmen and women will find their voice and use their position to make an impact not just in Estonia but in Europe.

Bright Ribbons

I saw bright ribbons, yellow gold (glory) blue ( revelation, green ( new life) purple ( royalty) white (purity) stretch from Estonia to Australia and New Zealand. They made a bridge in the Spirit. "Go over, go over to down under, there is a blessing to give and receive."

Kathie Walters
Kathie Walters Ministry