"You will have a new place to stand.  However, do not rush to establish your footing. In this new place, many changes will take place, so be willing to root and then be re-rooted. I am beginning to light your spirit within you in a new way. The seven -fold spirit within you is now being rekindled and brought to life so that you will become one with My Lamp Stand. You and I will become one in covenant alignment this season. We will begin to burn brightly as we move forward. The world will see the seven-fold Spirit that I have in the earth.

This Spirit is beginning to burn again. Hell will not be able to put that fire out. Many who are standing now will come alive and burn again. Though you stopped and stalled in last season, you will advance in a way this season that you have not advanced before. I have one that builds and one that establishes. Then I have one that watches and keeps. Let me help you find your place this hour. Let me help you get established, for I am transplanting many from one garden to another garden. I am causing some seed to grow that did not grow last season. I am plowing new furrows, breaking old soil, but creating new fields. I will grow a troop for this season. This is the troop that begins to move and advance in a new way.

Choose the lamp stand this month. Be the lampstand. Choose now and you will shine brightly throughout your entire future. Of the seven fold aspects of burning, you have to only be half lit. Let Me light you and make you bright. I need a flame. I see you! Do not get upset, when I clear away some of the rust and debris that has caused portions of your light to grow dim. I love you and I light you!"

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries