The fire between the wheels and the cherubim

Prophesied on the 10`th of May 2012, Berlin-Spandau

"There are the saints who are moving forward in the righteousness and holiness of God in order to approach the fire of God between the cherubim and the wheels!
Because you implemented in your life and your environment the righteousness of God, you get the chance to come closer to the glowing coals of God in order to take a holy, supernatural dimension of His presence, which you shall distribute, says the spirit of the prophet !
Because you have approached the Lord and His fire, you gain insight into the supernatural move of God, that gives you understanding of His glory and His movement!
Do not fear, when God begins to move to another place, because He wants to reposition yourself, so that you are able to hear His voice clearly and to understand better the governmental lordship of Jesus (see Ezekiel 10:2-5 in conjunction with Colossians 3:1)!
Open your hands, because God has given you His holy handed measure of fire, so that you are able to reveal by your works of faith, the clear voice of God!
There is sudden heat coming into your hands, which is a sign, that you have received the fiery coals of God, which are located between the wheels and the cherubim!
It is not the glowing coal, which was taken with a tongue, but these are the glowing coals, that will be presented with the hand, that you may scatter about the people to bring them in touch with the love and holiness of God!
It is the fire, that produces supernatural works! It is the fire, that pushes through! It is the fire, that abolishes darkness and is letting the presence of God arising, says the spirit of the prophet (see Ezekiel 10:2.6-7)!
There is a prophetic increase in your life, which is equivalent to the saying of Job, because it goes from the ear to the eye, so that you are able to better understand God's prophetic movement, says the spirit of the prophet (see Job 42:5 in conjunction with Ezekiel 10:8-13)!
Make your way through this time on the mountain of God and receive the opportunity to celebrate with Him, because He has prepared for you a table in His prophetic presence that includes a good future (see Exodus 24:9-11, Psalm 23:5 in conjunction with Ezekiel 10:1)!”

Amen and Amen.

In His Fire,

Daniel Glimm