How to Open the Windows of Heaven

The church of Jesus Christ has far more might than it realizes

We can penetrate heaven with our prayers and see the power of God released.
Our access to God grants us enormous privileges. The church literally can tear the heavens open and summon the power of God. We can petition Him and cause heaven to react to what we pray.

God's Word says that supernatural acts are available from a supernatural God to a certain kind of people. To people who will love Him, God is willing to give unlimited favor and miracles.

Paul the apostle wrote, "Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ" (Eph. 1:3). If the blessings of God are in the heavenly realms, how do we bring them down?
Isaiah prayed, "Oh, that You would rend the heavens! That You would come down!" (Isaiah 64:1). He was asking God to tear open the heavens and come down and manifest Himself in two very specific ways: (1) to make Himself known to the enemy in aggressive, destructive action; and (2) to come in mercy and love to His people (vv. 2, 8-9).

To rend means "to tear, to rip to pieces, to part." We can stimulate the heart of God to open the windows of heaven for blessing in our lives.

We can Touch Heaven

In every book of the Bible, we see God's power manifested in the lives of His people.
King David was a warrior trained by God to protect his people and to mete out justice to the enemies of God. In Psalm 144:5, he called upon God to part the heavens and come down because there was cause for supernatural action.

In the New Testament, we read that when Christ came out of the water, the heavens opened up. The Holy Spirit descended upon Him like a dove, and Jesus became empowered (Matt. 3:16-17).

Jesus began His public ministry in submission to the baptism of John the Baptist. His humble obedience burst open the heavens, and He was anointed to preach the Good News - to heal the brokenhearted, set the captives free and drive out demons (Luke 4:18).
From that day on, He was no ordinary man. He was God manifesting Himself in man under an open heaven.

Through a lifestyle of prayer and humble obedience, you can rend the heavens. Then the Holy Spirit can impart His anointing for your service unto God.
Isaiah 64:4 states that no one has ever seen, no ear perceived what God will do for the one who waits on Him. In the Upper Room, the 120 "waited" for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit (Acts 2).
This kind of waiting is not passive. It is serving with expectancy and patience, ministering to God in worship and prayer and knowing that He will act on your behalf.

While the disciples waited there praying, suddenly they heard a violent wind. The heavens parted, and fire came into the room.
There was a manifestation of the presence of God, and everyone was empowered. When you are in one place, in one accord, God will provide a corporate blessing that everyone will receive.
God wants an open heaven in our lives. He will rend the skies over our churches if everyone in each place is in one accord, praying to Him and seeking His glory.

The Coming of His Kingdom

Jesus said we should pray for the kingdom of God to come and for His will to be done in our lives as it is in heaven (Matt. 6:10). Whenever there is something in your life that you know is not the manifestation of the heavenly will of God, then you, like David, have a cause to rend the heavens.
In heaven, there is no lack, no poverty, no sickness, no defeat, no fear, no strife, no poverty, no failure. There is no depression or backbiting or lying or treachery.

As we pray in one place under one anointing for the purpose of glorifying God, He will rip the heavens again and release His presence and His power. Every one of us will be filled with the power of God, as the disciples were in the book of Acts.
The disciples were never the same after they experienced the heavens opening. They became fearless before God and the world. Powerful miracles started to happen.

God will rend the heavens again. He is going to loose upon us His end-time power. He is preparing His church for a miraculous, dynamic visitation. Everyone who desires it will receive a latter-rain anointing.

God is going to do mighty things that we have never seen, imagined or heard. God is going to shine through us as never before. He is going to make the people of the earth jealous, and they will want our God (Rom. 11:11).
He wants a people who will love, serve and obey Him. He wants to stabilize and establish us. The church must grow up because God wants a people who are responsible under the anointing.

A New Revelation

Paul, in writing to the church of Corinth, was speaking to an audience of people who lived in a culture characterized by a passionate search for wisdom and supernatural power. Yet with all the shrines in Greece, all the men of great learning, all the creativity manifested there, Paul was able to say, "'Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man the things which God has prepared for those who love Him.' But God has revealed them to us through His Spirit" (1 Cor. 2:9-10).
Paul reiterated what the prophet Isaiah had already said (Is. 64:4), but he also explained that God was willing to reveal these things by the power of the Holy Spirit who is inside of us.

Paul was saying that the Old Testament saints experienced just a shadow of what was available, but that God was going to bring us into a place where we could receive the fullness of His blessings. We can open the windows of heaven so that the blessings of the latter-rain anointing of God will fall upon His church and His people.

We are now moving into a realm where the supernatural acts of God will no longer be seen as myths but will be experiential. The Holy Spirit is going to bring us into a new revelation. What Isaiah couldn't perceive, God is now going to reveal to us.
Paul told us that such revelation is available to a people who love God. Isaiah said it is available to people who wait on Him. This means serving Him and practicing His presence. If you are part of the church of Jesus Christ and you are not serving Him, then you are not waiting on Him.

The blessings of God are in heavenly places. How do we connect with them?

The Divine Connection

Revelation 5:8 tells us that in heaven the prayers of the saints are collected in golden bowls by angels. There is loud praise as the voices of thousands upon thousands worship the Lamb of God (vv. 11-12).

When we add our praise to that of heaven and our prayers have been collected, presented before Jesus and covered in His blood, then the saints and angels join with us. Together we see the opening of the heavens as God begins to release power, wealth, strength and miracles.
We have authority in heaven because of the blood of the Lord Jesus. If you have a need and you really mean business, you must call on the Lord in prayer and praise.

God has in store for His people more than we could ever ask or think. But as brilliant and as perceptive as we are, we cannot see into the supernatural with the natural mind. We need to know the principles of God because there are blessings prepared for us that we have not yet tapped into.
Starting right now, begin to fill up the bowls with your prayers. Angels are waiting to gather your requests. Give them something to take before the Chief Intercessor.

Jesus will look down, knowing He died for all these things, and intercede before the Father. And when you begin to praise Him, you will make a divine connection, the heavens will burst open, and angels will descend to war on your behalf.
When you know there is a cause for supernatural intervention and you begin to do down here what they are doing up there, you free the Lord's hand to open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings that you cannot contain.

Pat Francis
Ministry of Dr. Pat Francis