A Time to Examine the Body! A Time to Break Suppression!

Dear Connected Ones,

as I walked in to the Prayer Tower, I heard the Lord say,
"I am ready to examine My Body!" He began to speak to me from 1 Corinthians 11 and Ezekiel 36-37. The next few weeks we will be focusing on parts of the body and allowing the Lord to activate the Body of Christ in a new way!

The Lord also began to speak about the suppression in our bodies and how He is going to war against that suppression. Even immune systems that have been suppressed from trauma and conflict, He would now begin to war against. I heard the Lord say He was going to examine His Body, and break the suppression of the blessings that are held captive in structures we are a part of.

Then He will loose renewal power to raise us up and cause us to live with new power and authority! Here is a portion of what came forward during that time from myself, Joe Knight and Elaine Priestly:

"This will be a time of breaking suppression, for much suppression has come into My Body. Today I Am going to do war with the spirit of suppression! Where your joy has been suppressed, I will unlock the door inside you to your joy, and what was suppressed will come out like a fatted calf, out of a stall.

There are new terms for My people in this season, and you'll be going around one corner and I'll be waiting on you. You will stand and you will say, 'But I sense the Presence of a Holy God here', and I will surprise you, just as I will surprise you with unexpected calls. I will now surprise you with My Presence. Watch around every turn, for I now am coming down on your path to meet with you and draw you into a new bath. For I am drawing a bath for My people, for this is a time of washing and this is a time of cleaning off the past, from the past season. As the suppression breaks, you'll feel things coming out of your pores, and I will be there with a bath drawn, to wash you off and cause you to shine new and fresh.

I will have a radiant people this hour that will go forth and radiate. You will find yourself in unusual places and those around you will begin to share their hearts with you. And in sharing their hearts you will say, 'I know how you can have your past washed away.' This is a time that My bath of Heaven is being drawn, so watch Me baptize My people in a new way. Your house will be cleansed with My river and the baths that I will bring in that home will cleanse the hurts and the fissures of your past. I am bringing forth healing water to heal your depression, to heal your despair, to heal your hopelessness, to heal hope deferred, and to heal all the broken places in your emotions.

There is now a re-visitation, when I am re-visiting like I did with the woman at the well. She came and she talked about how she had drunk, but I said, 'I Am going to give you water where you will thirst no more.' Some of you read the Word and it's become stale because you've been drinking from that same Word for a long time. But I say drink again! Drink again, because the Word will be alive, and it will be refreshing. Once you drink, you'll never thirst again because I'm awakening you as you drink, and I'm awakening your spirit in that place that you thought was dead. When you open the Word, the words will become alive. As you read the Word and as you drink, then you'll not be able to hold it in. Rather, it will gush forth from your spirit and you'll decree a thing and you'll see that word become established. So drink again!"

Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries