My Faith Train is Forming!

Dear Train Riders,

back in September and October 2009, the Lord was also speaking to us about trains, and how faith is like a locomotive! I believe the prophetic exhortation we sent out on October 30, 2009 will still encourage you today!

My Faith Train is Forming!

"I am reordering the cars that have been moving in My procession. I am putting cars in different orders. I am creating My 'Faith Train'. Some who were on one track are being put in the right order on another track. This will cause My people to gain momentum. Some of you will hear your call in new way. You will say, 'Wait, that is not where I am going in the next season. That is not the destination I am getting to.' People get ready, there's a train coming!

You are a vital link in what is being formed. I am calling all cars that I need to make up this faith train, the storage cars and the freight cars that need to make up the faith train for the future. Those who have been lagging will connect and make up the caboose. I am reordering the engines that can pull. All you have to do is to connect and you will be pulled through and into the new.

I am reforming My engine and giving new steam! There are some that I have risen up with a new energy. There are some that I am putting at the beginning. They cannot be lagging at the back because they have a faith energy that I have stored up for this season. I am getting them in place to pull others. Some have been used to being pulled, but I am reordering so they can pull others. A new faith train is moving in territories. Some are being positioned to bring supply. Some are being positioned to pull with new energy. I am connecting those who could not get on in the last season. A divine connecting is occurring and I am sending forth many to go out and get the disconnected.

There are some intersections in your life that are dangerous in the days ahead. Now I am sending the sound down that will warn you at dangerous intersections. Do not stop connecting because you are afraid of the dangerous intersections. Don't stop flowing, but learn to hear the sound of caution so you can move through the intersection with faith.

You are used to the sound of the shofar, for I've been training My people on the shofar. But now there is a faith train moving and you must be aware of the movement and the sound of faith that's moving in the earth realm. It is that sound of faith that you must connect into and know how to regard at your dangerous intersections. The sound of faith will let you know to pause and be still or to go forward with acceleration. It is the sound of faith that I am bringing in for My people at this time."


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries